Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thailand’s Constitutional Court Is Not a Court of Justice

The urban/traditional Thai elitists' favorite weapon of choice against democracy in recent years is not the army, but the judiciary. The Constitutional Court has dissolved (completely banned) two consecutive parties of government - Thai Rak Thai and the People's Power Party. Each time, this shatters and fragments the representatives of the electorate.  Not only are the political parties outlawed, but many of their representatives are banned from running for political office for extended periods.

This past June, Thailand’s Constitutional Court threatened a judicial coup “hat trick” although this time they had to resort to decisions that went way beyond the limitations restricting their jurisdiction under the Constitution.

By once again meddling in the political arena which should be reserved to the elected representatives of the people, the unelected Constitutional Court judges proved that they are not a court of justice but a political force. They may think they are righteous and are advancing the best interests of the kingdom but they do not have the authority to override the decisions of the majority of people who vote.

And by exercising their political will from their courtroom they are guilty of misconduct and demonstrate a lack of judicial ethics and impartiality.
The president of the Constitutional Court is Wasan Soypisudh.

Wasan Soypisudh
His appearance and the way he runs the Constitutional Court may remind Americans who grew up in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s of "Bingo" in the children’s variety show, “The Banana Splits Adventure Hour.”

As much as the Constitutional Court hates videos, here’s one which puts their organization into a new light and explains why they are nothing but a joke and deserve no respect.