Monday, February 28, 2011

Law and Order: Bangkok

"In the Thai criminal justice system, the guilty are protected by two separate yet equally important groups: the DSI who cover up crimes and the court system which grants impunity to the offenders. These are their stories."

Evidently the Thai military didn’t like the original version of the report regarding the death of Japanese Reuters cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto, who was killed on April 10 last year while covering the Red Shirt protests last year. That original report found that the bullet was “fired by an M16 from an army-held position that night. Witnesses from the scene agreed.”
So the army chief of staff paid Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) head, Tharit Pengdit, a visit. Now there’s a new report clearing the military based upon a “new finding” that “an AK47 fired the deadly shot, and that soldiers that night were not using AK47s.”

How Convenient!

DSI Director General Tharit Pengdit

Note that the DSI logo above has a picture of scales on it like the emblem of the Constitutional Court.  

Emblem of Thailand's Constitutional Court

I've published an earlier blog suggesting that the symbol of the scales on emblems relating to the justice system in Thailand represents something completely different than they do in the rest of the world. In Thailand they symbolize the "scales of justice bra" which represents the cover up and support of boobs. 
Scales of Justice Bra

Yes, Tharit Pengdit is nothing but a big boob for the murderous and corrupt Thai regime. 

His "independent" investigation of the killings has all become a big and bad joke. Nothing any of the Thai authorities ever say can be taken at face value and each clarification of a situation raises more questions than answers. And it is absolutely clear that the DSI and Thai courts are neither willing nor able to examine and prosecute the crimes that were committed. And since the government has no credibility left, they really don't care how foolish they look.

Thailand calls itself the ”land of the free.” I too, come from a different “land of the free.” My country began as an experiment in freedom. The foundation of that freedom is equality before the law. Everyone, whoever they are, whatever they may believe, must be equally accountable.

We all should remember the phrase from the US Declaration of Independence about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;” the unalienable rights of EVERYONE.

Notice that “life” comes first.

The Thai military targeted ordinary citizens during the massacre in Bangkok last year. Ordinary citizens just like any of us. In the case of Hiroyuki Muramoto, a guy doing his job, with bills to pay, a family to take care of.  And they took his life!  THEY TOOK HIS LIFE!
Reuters Cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto

If it is OK for the Thai military to kill him then it is OK for them to kill anyone of us. The only hopes for justice in Thailand are international institutions. 

Without law, there can be no freedom. Without justice, there can be no law.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Abhisit’s Attempt at Global Climate Change: Climate of Fear

The following is a scan from a booklet provided by the Thai Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MICT) posted and translated by

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: We can get you wherever you are on earth - February 22, 2011
The page reads: Michael: Does everyone know that the bill regulating computer crimes is subject to penalize the wrongdoer outside the Kingdom of Thailand as well? If there is anyone who starts a website outside the country to distribute information disgracing the monarchy, destroying the security of the juristic system or generating fear among Thai people, the wrongdoer will be persecuted by law and receive penalties inside the Kingdom of Thailand.
“We can get you wherever you are on earth?”
Since the warning is in the Thai language, the Thai Regime is clearly threatening Thais living internationally.
“On the late morning of Monday, February 7, 2011, local time in Los Angeles, USA, Mr. Komkrich Chongbunwatana, a Thai Consulate from Royal Thai Embassy, as seen from the enclosed business card, spontaneously appeared in front of a small apartment and inquired about one of the Red Shirt members who has been residing in the USA without setting up any prior appointments or notices. He, himself, claimed that he was an officer from the Thai’s Department of Special Investigation, (DSI.)
However, the business card given turned out to display his genuine place of employment, which is the Royal Thai Consulate in Los Angeles.
The objective of his visit, based on what he informed this head of the household, was that he had been acting on the behalf of the DSI’s executive order by informing that the DSI officials will be traveling to Los Angeles, in order to interview and investigate Mr. Jakrapob Penkair’s case. The Consul requested this individual to travel to the Royal Thai Consulate’s office in Los Angeles when the DSI officers arrive next month. He also stated that this individual could bring anyone with him.
The strangest thing that puzzled everyone was how this Consul, who claimed that he was from DSI, knew about this Red Shirt individual’s name and the address.
After 30-40 minutes of conversation between an uninvited guest and the Red Shirt individual currently rents this small apartment, had been circling on the topics of Mr. Jakrapob Penkair’s speech that was delivered in the United States. Some of the questions involved were regarding to the event’s promoter, the sources of the capital and expenditures, the audiences, the contents in Mr. Jakrapob’s speeches, and of course, any Lèse Majesté contents in the speech, etc.
After discussing for over several minutes, that Red Shirt individual decided to vent on the injustices and double standard practices by the aristocrats and the Thai’s administration. However, Consul Komkrich continued listening pleasantly without revealing his big pile of documentation that he had been carrying regarding what types of documents they were or why he carried them or whether they were real documents but had the tape recording surveillance hidden underneath.”
The story of Mr. Jakrapob’s speech in Los Angeles happened over several years ago. Why does the Thai regime need to resurrect Mr. Jakrapob’s case now and interview and investigate the Red-Shirt individuals who are living in the US?
This action by the Thai government obviously has nothing to do with Jakrapob’s lese majeste case at all. This is intimidation, pure and simple. The Red-shirt movement in the US and around the world has evidently been growing stronger and stronger until the aristocrats and the authoritarian Thai government can no longer bear it.  The International Red Shirt movement has become more than just a nuisance to the corrupt tyrants running Thailand now. The International Red Shirt community has become major obstacles to the murderous military/amart rulers. 
This financially and morally corrupt Thai regime exposes themselves as the pathetic bullies they are. They’ve bullied and killed Hmong refugees, Rohingya boat refugees, the Cambodians, and the list goes on and on.
But the Red Shirts aren’t intimidated. This Thai regime fails to realize that they can’t stop this noble movement for justice and democracy through fear and intimidation.
The fascists running Thailand don’t know history.  They thought that sniper bullets could stop a movement’s dream from becoming a reality.  Well, a sniper’s bullet didn’t stop John F. Kennedy’s dream nor did it stop Martin Luther King Jr’s dream.  And the Thai military snipers that murdered scores of unarmed Red Shirts in Bangkok last year have not killed the Red Shirts’ dream.

I’m sure the people at the Thai DSI have the opinion that they need to enforce their draconian lese majeste laws in the US.  Well, I’ve written this before: “opinions are like assholes” and as a citizen of this United States, I am going to practice my right to freedom of speech and ram my views up the DSI’s opinion. Nobody, and I mean nobody, especially fascist scum like the DSI, come to my ‘yard’ and push my friends around.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Thai Regime Just Doesn’t Weave a Web of Lies: They Kanit Them

Kanit Knitting Lies with Abhisit and Prayuth

We should all be very skeptical of any “investigation” or “justice” in Thailand. Thailand’s political/legal system is a joke. Even the Thais themselves know the system is grossly dysfunctional. Look at Thailand’s former attorney-general, Kanit na Nakorn, appointed by Abhisit last June to investigate the responsibility for the killing and injuring of protesters in Bangkok.  Kanit's ties to the Demcrats are far too obvious to serve as an "independent" investigator.

Kanit’s been in bed with the Democrats since the Phuket scandals in 1990s, when land reform was turned into free giveaway to rich Democrat party members and Prime Minister Chuan Leek Pai was forced to resign. Kanit's brother-in-law was one of the party faithful who allegedly received the land illegally. But Kanit made the controversial decision, over some strenuous objections from ex-judges and legal scholars, that there was not enough evidence of criminal intent to prosecute rich families for taking land meant for poor people.
A similar result occurred when the last military junta picked Kanit to investigate who in authority could be held responsible for the killings in the infamous drug war.  Kanit concluded that there was not enough evidence to prosecute anyone.  How convenient.

Kanit – Extrajudicial Killings Cop Out - FACTHAI, Jan 21, 2008

The fact should also not escape everyone that Kanit also bears a striking resemblance to a famous American cartoon character known as “the near-sighted Mr. Magoo.”

Mr. Na Nakorn                                                          Mr. Magoo   
Yes, Kanit seems just the kind of guy Abhisit needs to whitewash the massacre.  To make it look authentic the committee is given a very important sounding name:  the Independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (ITRCT). 
The Red Shirts obtained a small victory yesterday when they forced the Thai government to finally release on bail seven Red Shirt leaders who had been jailed and held illegally on bogus charges.  But that is not enough for reconciliation. All political prisoners in Thailand should be immediately released and all charges dropped!
But it's all a huge charade to mask Thailand's voyage into a military dictatorship based upon the Burmese model.  In Kanit’s own words, the inquiry “is not aimed at finding who should be held responsible and to punish, but to establish the facts and educate Thai society.” The panel does not aim to name the culprits, but would try to explain how things happened in order to prevent violence in the future as a preventive measure.

This actually confirms the widespread suspicion that the investigation only embodies an attempt to silence criticisms on the massacre by the Thai military. Can anyone imagine that they would be educating the public about the army's role in shooting unarmed protesters - this time - or any of the other times in the last 40 years?

I am reminded of a quote In March 2005, the then-army commander in Thailand, General Pravit Wongsuwan, was asked what disciplinary action would be taken against three generals found liable for the death of 84 innocent Thai civilians on October 25, 2004 at Tak Bai. He replied: "There is no disciplinary penalty for those holding the rank of general."

How true: whether killing protesters or overthrowing governments, Thailand's generals remain a law unto themselves.  Those responsible for mass killings in Thailand have never been punished.  And in most cases, like General Prayuth Chan-ocha, those who are responsible, have even been promoted.

Gen. Prayuth "Mass Murderer" Chan-ocha

If Kanit and his committee were serious about preventing violence in the future then the guilty need to be held responsible for their actions. The military and the Democrats should never expect impunity. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Searching For 'Cambo'

When two Royal Thai Air Force F16s mysteriously fell out of the air last week into a forest in Chaiyaphum province, to some people the cause the crash was obvious.

“It must have been black magic,” they said. With the flair up of hostilities between Thailand and Cambodia and the belief that Cambodians are known for their expertise in the supernatural, people believed the planes were probably cursed in some way.

Air force spokesman Monthon Satchukorn quickly brushed aside that rumor and rightly so. As can be seen on the map below, Chaiyaphum is not anywhere near the border with Cambodia.
 Map of Thailand highlighting Chaiyaphum Province

Also, these jets were in flight and traveling at a high rate of speed. It is preposterous to think that a Khmer wizard in Cambodia using black magic could successfully track and force down TWO F16 jets over such a large distance. This is silly and ridiculous superstition which deserves to be debunked in yet another thorough investigation by Thai authorities.

It is more probable that Thai authorities investigating this crash believe that a Khmer Wizard is operating covertly in Thailand!

The Cambodian military is smaller and less technologically advanced than their Thai counterpart, so Cambodia's Leader, Hun Sen, has obviously opted for a type of warfare that gives him an advantage: Sorcery Sabotage!

There is obviously a secret Cambodian operation going on involving a highly trained operator in the occult working covertly within Thailand’s borders to weaken its military. Is there no limit to the evil of Hun Sen?
Cambodian Leader Hun Sen 
How Dare He Try To Make Wat Preah Vihear
a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

And, since the crash of the two F16s happened during a joint US/Thailand hosted military exercise called Cobra Gold as a proud American I am obligated to help. That’s why I am distributing the following TWO different artist sketches of this purported Khmer sorcery subject based upon a profile I generated.

Yes, I’m naming this special Cambodian agent of the occult: “Cambo”.  If you should spot “Cambo” call authorities immediately. Do not try to apprehend him yourself as he is extremely dangerous. One of the black magic specialties which Khmer Wizards are known for is to send metal objects into the body of people! Plus, “Cambo” is trained in guerrilla warfare, someone “who's been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke.”

But not to worry, the Thai military are using their own brand of magic tracking down this Khmer mage menace. They spent millions of Thai tax payer's money obtaining magic wands known as GT200 devices which can be used to track down, explosive residue, drugs and evidently Khmer Wizards practicing black magic.
Thailand can thank two reputable military men for their foresight in obtaining these devices: Air Chief Marshal Chalit Phukpask (who incidentally holds the same rank as the Crown Prince’s pet dog Foo Foo) and everyone’s favorite coup-daddy, former Army Chief Sonthi Boonyaratkalin.
Sonthi 'Coup-Daddy' Boonyaratkalin
Making Thailand a Safer Place

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Hex on Prayuth

Evidently The Thai army believes it needs the help of magic talismans to protect itself from Cambodian soldiers.

The chief of the 2nd Army, Thawatchai Smutsakhon, last Friday distributed assorted talismans to his troops stationed at the disputed border area to help protect them from evil Khmer curses which he believes Cambodians are likely to call upon in their fight over disputed border areas.
As a result, soldiers guarding the border with Cambodia are now equipped with guns and talismans.
"I believe in this and I have to take care of my subordinates in every possible way," Lt Gen Thawatchai said. He also said the talismans were meant to prevent black magic reaching them. Some troops believe the Cambodians are involved in occult practices.
An army source stationed at the border said he believed Cambodian troops would perform "some kind of rituals" on Preah Vihear temple to counter the army's distribution of talismans to its troops.

Then on Monday, when two Royal Thai Air Force F16s mysteriously fell out of the air into a forest in Chaiyaphum province, to some people the cause the crash was obvious.

“It must have been black magic,” they said. Thai F16s were spotted last Thursday near the Cambodian border and the Cambodians are known for their expertise in the supernatural, so the planes were probably cursed in some way.

Air Force spokesman Monthon Satchukorn quickly brushed aside that rumor. "Do not believe in this sort of thing,” he said. “I can't see how the crash could be related to black magic. This is science: an engine problem perhaps, not superstition."

Maybe Monthon shouldn’t be too quick to discount the black magic theory. In 2007 the Thai Air Force had Jatukham Rammathep good luck charms in their F-16s and F-5s and I don’t recall any F-16s crashing back then.

Jatukham Rammathep is the name of an unusually popular amulet sold in Thailand. The amulet is believed to provide good fortune and protection against black magic to the bearer.

Now some of my fellow Orange Shirt colleagues believe in black magic.  In fact, our New Orleans chapter of the AOF has been actively participating in American VooDoo magic ceremonies against Sondhi Limthongkul and the PAD.  Our New Orleans chapter particularly hates the PAD.  They told me that their actions were in response to Sondhi’s admitted use of black magic by ceremonially placing six used sanitary pads around the Equestrian Statue of King Rama V in Bangkok in 2008. 

As for me, I’m not sure if I buy into all this black magic stuff or not. I don’t dismiss it and I certainly don’t wish any bad luck on any soldier… except for one:  mass murdering mad dog General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

And just in case there is something to this black magic warfare, I have designed my very own Prayuth Amulet.

My Prayuth Amulet is basic in design.  Prayuth is surrounded by thirteen feet.  This is both unlucky and offensive. But that is not enough for this murdering bastard. These are big American farang stinky feet with the bottom of each foot clearly facing Thailand’s leader. Also, each foot is pointing the middle toe at Prayuth, even more offensive. Of course, Prayuth is donning a Hitler moustache representing his Nazi-like behavior.  And, for the coup de grace there is a big steaming pile of poop on Prayuth’s head!

Whoops, maybe I shouldn’t use the word ‘coup’ around a Thai general. It makes them all giddy.

My idea for peace along the Thai/Cambodian border is to take away all the guns from the soldiers (both sides) and just give them talismans. Let them fight each other using black magic.  I couldn’t find anywhere in the Geneva Convention that witchcraft in warfare is prohibited.

In the interest of peace I’ll be happy to make a similar talisman for Hun Sen too. It's only fair.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grilling Korn

There's nothing more I enjoy than grilled Korn.

And last week the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Zoe Daniel grilled Thailand's deputy leader, Finance Minister, and yellow murdering fascist, Korn Chatikavanij, about the Cambodia border conflict. There are  also some interesting comments about the PAD and the timing of the election.

ABC Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aw Shucks, I prefer to grill Korn using a little more heat than what Zoe Daniel used but I can tell he seemed more than slightly "tense" at her questions.

Whenever I see Korn speaking on TV from a studio, I always think of Charlie Farquharson.  Charlie Farquharson was HEE HAW’s intrepid announcer on radio station KORN. His droll stories about the residents of Kornfield County contained double entendres which had adult viewers laughing at stories which younger viewers heard as something entirely different.

Charlie Farquharson on KORN

For most of you who don’t know or don’t remember; Hee Haw was a goofy, corny and funny variety show with a hillbilly theme which ran for about 20 years on American TV.

Speaking of hillbilly, there is yet another use for Korn.
Hillbilly Toilet Paper

…which may seem eerily similar to a product relating to another yellow member of Abhisit’s cabinet, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day - Free All Political Prisoners

Valentine's day is next Monday, February 14th so this is an early Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. You can also consider this post as an early reminder to get your "Sweety" something special and also to remember the political prisoners currently held in Thailand.

So what does Valentine's Day have to do with remembering the plight of political prisoners in Thailand?

According to one legend, there was a third century Christian who lived in Rome named Valentine. He was imprisoned during one of the periodic persecutions against Christians and was sentenced to death. While in prison, Valentine was able to gather violets outside his cell window. He sent them to his loved ones with the message, "Remember your Valentine." After his death he was canonized by the Catholic Church. So now we have "St. Valentine's Day," a day when we send cards to our loved ones asking them to remember us.

Although Valentine was actually a religious prisoner, I ask everyone to remember the political prisoners in Thailand. Their imprisonment is just as egregious.

Since the Thai military installed Abhisit Vejjajiva as Prime Minister,  there have been numerous cases of politically motivated arrests, jailings and murders. Arrests and imprisonments through accusations of lèse majesté and acts against “national security” have become increasingly common under this fascist regime. Lèse majesté and the Computer Crimes Actare used by this regime to denounce opponents and to protect privileges and positions. We should all be deeply concerned and alarmed regarding the political uses of lèse majesté and other repressive laws in Thailand.

Lèse majesté is defined as: “anyone who defames, insults or threatens the king, the queen, the crown prince or the regent” (Article 112 of the Thai penal code). While the lèse majesté law has been criticized for many years as “draconian,” the current Thai regime vigorously pursues investigations and prosecutions of those accused of lèse majesté.

The Democrat-led Thai puppet government has expanded its vigilance, blocked hundreds of thousands of web pages it considers offensive to the monarchy and presided over new charges and arrests. All of this in the defense of some ill-defined notion of “national security.” There are no accurate figures on how many have been charged under these draconian laws. Recent (2010) estimates are that there have been more than 300 cases since the 2006 palace-military coup.

The persons involved – accused, charged and sentenced – are journalists, bloggers, academics, authors and political and social activists, both Thai and foreign. Often those charged are denied bail and remain in prison for several months awaiting sometimes closed trials.

Even though the current Thai regime, pronounces that it favors a free press, political reconciliation and liberalism, its words are hollow. Their actions, however, show that they are determined to crack down on those they consider are, in its terms, threatening “national security” by criticizing the monarchy. Their actions also suggest a further politicization of the lèse majesté law and the computer crimes laws.

International scrutiny of these cases is urgently required to ensure the protection of human rights and freedom of expression. We should all deplore the political uses of lèse majesté and the Computer Crimes Act in Thailand and the climate of fear that these uses and the threat of their use engenders there.

We urge all friends of Thailand to take action.  There are things we all can do.

Contact your local Representative, Senator and the State Department to express your concern, dismay, and outrage at the political use of lèse majesté. This should, at the very least, draw their attention to the lèse-majesté law in Thailand. It is critical that foreign governments understand that Thailand's government is using repressive laws to restrict human rights and freedom.

Contact human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Asia and urge them to take up all cases of lèse-majesté in Thailand.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and help make these cases highly visible in the media and on the internet.

There is even an on-line petition related to lèse-majesté in Thailand that can be signed: “Stop the use of lese majeste and defend the freedom of speech in Thailand”

So I am appealing to everyone during this holiday of love we know as Valentine's Day to not only "Remember your Valentine" but to also to: 

"Remember Darunee Charnchoensilpakul" who is currently serving an 18 year sentence under cruel conditions for lèse-majesté in Thailand.

"Remember Chiranuch Premchaiporn" who has been jailed since September without bail and is currently on trial in a Thai kangaroo Court for lèse-majesté and Computer Crimes Act "violations." She faces up to 82 years.

"Remember All Political Prisoners in Thailand." They are charged with expressing their ideas and this should never be a crime. Their persecution by the Thai regime causes a climate of fear which suppresses civil liberties and freedom of expression for us all.

Free All Political Prisoners!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dog Fight Over Cambodia

Things are sure heating up between Thailand and Cambodia. Former Thai Major General and current PAD buffoon Chamlong Srimuang was quoted last week as saying, ‘‘Our fighter jets can reach Cambodian skies in five minutes.’’
Chamlong Srimuang
The ever-grinning Chamlong must have faith in Thailand’s Air Force.
But now we learn from “The Telegraph” that a Wikileaks Cable, dated November 16, 2007 that royal poodle Foo Foo holds the rank of Air Chief Marshal.  
Air Chief Marshal Foo Foo
It might come to many as an amusing surprise that a dog, even if  it has a prominent owner, holds the rank of Air Chief Marshal but don’t laugh, there is another famous canine military aviator.

Of course, he never could out duel the Red Baron.
Nevertheless, I’m sure that the Cambodian Military is monitoring these events and have come up with countermeasures if Air Chief Marshal Foo Foo attacks Cambodia by air. For instance, they may try to scare the little poodle away with their large and menacing Basset Hound Blimp.

Basset Hound Blimp

It’s remarkable that the Thai military can be so murderous and yet so laughable at the same time. This can only be attributed to one man. The man at the top and waste of a hyphen, Murdering Mad-Dog General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha
General, we salute you.

Friday, February 4, 2011

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine Wolfpack

At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, this current Thai regime seems to be mirroring the German Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s.

First they blamed the burning of a building in the capital city on their political enemies. They introduced emergency laws, rounded up the political opposition and locked them up in order to maintain power.

The Reichstag (1933)          Central World (2010)

Then they march out their youth in parades of nationalism.

Then they try to get back lost territory that belongs to a militarily weaker neighboring country.

The Sudetenland                         Preah Vihear
Now, according to an article from Saksith Saiyasombut at Siam Voices last month it appears that the Thai regime wants to buy SIX submarines from Germany.
SIX German Submarines!!! The Battle of the North Atlantic comes to mind with convoys of allied ships being attacked by German U-boat “wolfpacks.”
Has the Thai Navy embraced the ”wolfpack” naval tactic of Nazi Germany during World War II? Why does Thailand need a half a dozen submarines?  That’s around a total of 2988 tons submerged displacement. (Sorry, I wasn’t sure the Thai government measures their submarines by count or by weight like they do eggs now.)
And who will be Thailand’s victim of this yellow wolfpack? Well, the Rohingyas are back in the news again.  
You may have heard of the Rohingya boat people and how the Thai Military (under Abhisit’s watch) beat hundreds of Rohingya who were captured in Thai waters, disabled the engines of their boats, and towed them back out to sea to an almost certain death.  Below is a nice report by CNN.

Boy, what a Public Relations nightmare for the Thai Regime!  Even United Nations High Commission for Refugees goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie criticized the Thai government of ignoring the plight of Rohingyas and suggested that the “Thai government should take better care of the Burmese ethnics.”
Of course, that will never happen as the Rohingyas are poor and dark skinned. Thus they are despised by the Thai Military and their amart buddies now in power.

So will we see the use of a Thai submarine wolfpack to eradicate the Rohingya ‘menace’ more quietly in order to avoid world media exposure?
I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist but...

Run Silent, Run Deep.