Sunday, August 4, 2013

Two Ding-A-Lings

A bell and General Preecha Iamsuphan
General Preecha Iamsuphan, a well known fascist and core member of the People's Army against Thaksin Regime, rings a bell to start Sunday's political rally in Lumpini Park, Bangkok.

You may remember Gen Preecha. He's a particularly nasty fellow. A Royal Cadet School classmate of core PAD leader Gen Chamlong Srimuang, Gen Preecha has led yellow shirts in raucous protests near the Prear Vihear site.

At the PAD's rally of nutjobs in Sanam Luang back in November 2009, he spoke to the crowd that it was time to get rid of traitors, as they all had appeared before their eyes.  “We have to quickly finish them off for the sake of our beloved King and ancestors, so that Thais stop quarrelling with one another because of these scoundrels.” - Now, he's starting a quarrel between Thais.

He also said back then that he heard a government spokesperson say on radio that Jakrapob Penkair had smuggled weapons across the northeastern Thai border to start a revolt. This was 2009 when the Dems were in power so whatever a government spokesperson said should have been completely ignored.

The retired blowhard general also said the Thai army had fought those “vulgar Cambodians” at the Aranyaprathet border, and he himself had attacked them with bombs.  He would not mind if there was another war.  If the army does not fight, he will fight with his bare hands.

It’s certainly no wonder why the government is not buying into this “People’s Army” claim that they are a peaceful group of protesters when their leaders are violent ding-a-lings.