Friday, September 28, 2012

What Men in Black?

The Final Report by the Truth in Reconciliation Commission of Thailand (TRCT) offers neither truth nor reconciliation.

There is no substantive proof given that there were any armed militants or “men in black” among the red shirt democracy protesters. Yet, the report goes out of its way to turn blame away from the military and government authorities to these mysterious figures.

To the TRCT and others, even the possible existence of “men in black” legitimizes the mass killing of innocent and peaceful protesters by the Thai military which, incidentally, has a very long and well documented record of slaughtering unarmed civilians.  

The TRCT report stated that the army used a whopping 117,923 bullets in their 2010 massacre.  And make no mistake about it, it was THEIR massacre.  They caused it starting back in 2006 when they decided that the people’s choice of government wasn’t acceptable to them.  

But evidently none of these 117,923 bullets struck any men in black.  Not one.  However, nurses, reporters, and children weren’t so lucky.  Over 80 unarmed civilians were killed and thousands wounded.  

And for what reason?  To sustain the position of an unelected, unpopular and undemocratic government for a few more months.