Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mickey Mouse Wears an Abhisit Vejjajiva Watch

To say that the Prime Minister of Thailand Abhisit runs a “Mickey Mouse” organization in Thailand is an insult to the Walt Disney character. Almost immediately after Abhisit had just finished telling the world, in a speech in New York, that no one was being arrested under the emergency decree, the police arrested a street vendor for selling flip-flop sandals bearing the likenesses of Abhisit and Thailand’s Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsaban. The flip-flops are sold in pairs. The left foot has the image of Suthep and the right has a photo of Abhisit. And since then there have been other arrests of vendors of these flip-flops in Thailand.

Using likenesses of political figures on products has long been a form of free speech. Even the police could not find an actual law against this type of free speech so they arrested her anyway. Evidently, Abhisit’s government is making things up as they go along or perhaps Abhisit and Suthep have promoted themselves to Thai Royalty in order to apply those strict lèse majesté laws Thailand is infamous in abusing.

Although these particular flip-flops may be in poor taste, they’re certainly not any more insulting than some of the other products we’ve seen. I wonder when the Thai regime will get around to prohibiting other allegedly offensive products.
Take for instance, the new line of baby and adult diapers. You’ve heard of Pampers? Well this product is called Prem-pers after the one who is mainly responsible for the lack of democracy in Thailand today; former dictator now Head of the Privy Council: Prem Tinsulanonda.

Very absorbent but unfortunately it tends to scare babies. Plus, it leaves a rash – but at least the rash is red.

And who can forget the ever popular sanitary pads made famous from the leader of the PAD himself, Sondhi Limthongkul,
in a televised speech given on October 29, 2008.

Then there is the Somsak Kosaisuuk urinal cake. I don’t think it works any better than any other urinal cake but it at least offers an alternate reason why the PAD wear yellow.
Here’s one of our favorite products; the Chamlong Srimuang fly swatter.  This one works really well because it actually draws flies in making them easier to swat.
Another special PAD product is the Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya toilet paper. A bit abrasive but just like shutting down Suvarnabhumi airport, it makes cleaning up after yourself “a lot of fun.”

And we can’t forget about the Thepthai Senpong dog poo scooper.  This works great in cleaning up after dogs and it got great publicity when the personal spokesman of the PM received dog poo in the mail.

One of the many, many problems Abhisit has is that he doesn’t understand the people who he is supposed to govern over. I offer Abhisit this well known piece of advice:

“Before you abuse, criticize and accuse. Then you should walk a mile in their shoes.” 

Well, here’s a pair for Abhisit to get started walking:

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