Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disorder in Thailand’s Constitutional Court

The expressions of shock made by some people about the latest court scandals in Thailand are laughable.  Did they not believe the Constitutional Court was just as broken as all of the other government institutions?  

They must have forgotten that this is the same court that has become so politicized that it outlawed the ruling pro-Thaksin parties and their members, not once but twice, while it threw out all charges against Democrats. It went so far as to order an elected prime minister out of office for appearing on a TV cooking show! How could anyone possibly be shocked by what these same judges are seen and heard doing on these tapes?

The rampant and destructive disease known as “Double Standards” has infected the highest level of the Thai justice system just as it infects the rest of the government systems in Thailand.  In fact the “disease” has progressed so much more at the Constitutional Court that the “Double Standards” virus has mutated into the “No Standards at All” virus.

Whether it be “fixing” cases or discussing ways and means to cover up and find a scapegoat for an alleged exam leak to favor friends and relatives of judges in the recruitment of court officials, Thailand’s Constitution Court Judges have become so corrupt that they don't even know what ethics are anymore.

And it is all about a question of work ethics. The Constitution Court rules on wide-ranging issues.  If a judge is deemed to be unfair, he is unfit to rule on any case.  If he is involved in a scandal, he must be removed from office.  If he is accused of wrongdoing, he must prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is clean and can continue to provide unbiased opinions and judgments."

I wonder if the Constitution Court judges ever look at and reflect upon their own court seal proudly displayed on the bench from which they sit behind.

Clearly displayed on seal are the “scales of justice.”  I had always thought that the “scales of justice” were a worldwide symbol for equality and fairness. This is not so in Thailand. Evidently this symbol better represents the new product out in the market place called the “Thai Constitutional Court Scales of Justice Bra.”

Yes, the symbol on the Constitutional Court Seal is one that supports and covers up a bunch of boobs.

By the way, maybe everyone should stop calling Thaksin “a fugitive from justice” since obviously there is no justice from the boobs running Thailand now. 


  1. Shame on these people. Another pillar supporting the ammat is now broken.

  2. fine piece, well written! it is clear now that the amaat are digging themselves deaper into their own nasty hole!

  3. Fantastic sarcasm....more folks should have such a sense of humor!