Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Magic Bullets, Magic Ballots, and Magic Mushrooms

I’ve posted before about Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban being a thief, liar, and murderer. Well, I can add complete loon to that list.

A few weeks ago US based Human Rights Watch released their report on the massacre in Bangkok last year. Even though he probably didn’t even bother to read it, Suthep came out with “guns a blazing" (figuratively this time).

He slammed the human rights organization in an interview at the Government House on May 4th.

“That organization should better look into their own country first before, [...] [like] John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Nothing is still clear about that.”- Matichon via Saksith Saiyasombut, Siam Voices

Interesting! Maybe Suthep has his own conspiracy theory as to how JFK was killed. It’s probably similar to his cockamamie story of how so many innocent Thai citizens were killed last year – they ran into the bullets.

There are similarities to the JFK assassination the cold blooded murder of peaceful protesters; for one thing, both tragedies involved snipers. I’m not so sure how JFK could have “run” into two bullets while he was sitting in the back seat of a car but let’s look at the Suthep’s JFK Conspiracy Theory:

From forensic reports, the President was running backwards while sitting in a moving car. He ran into the first bullet which entered his upper back. It penetrated his neck, slightly damaged a spinal vertebra and the top of his right lung, exited his throat nearly centerline just beneath his Adam's apple, then nicked the left side of his suit tie knot. After exiting the President, the bullet was run into by Governor Connally, who was also running backwards as the bullet penetrated his back. This created an oval entry wound, impacted and destroyed four inches of his right, fifth rib bone, and then exited his chest just below his right nipple. That wasn’t the end of it though. After exiting his chest, the bullet was run into by Connally’s right wrist. Then, after exiting his wrist, the bullet was run into by Connally again, this time with his left inner thigh, where the bullet was finally stopped.


In the same interview at the Government House, Suthep also slammed Human Rights Watch for not speaking out against another one of Thailand’s human rights violations.

"[Suthep laments] where that organization [Human Rights Watch] was during the government of Thaksin Shinawatra, when they killed 3,000 people ["War on Drugs"] but hasn’t heard a thing from them."

Human Rights Watch actually did report on Thaksin’s War on Drugs, however Suthep must not have read that report either. This may offer some added insight on Thaksin's drug war - it wasn’t as successful in keeping methamphetamines off the streets as people would've liked.

Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban

Against the War on Drugs

And speaking of something on drugs: Here's another wacky conspiracy theory about a plot on the Thai monarchy put out in chart form last year by the Center for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation (CRES) when Suthep was in charge.

I can't rule out Suthep being in some sort of drug induced stupor when he came up with this chart but whatever his motivation it’s probably the same as what he used to come up with his proposed election ballot.

Fortunately, I understand this was rejected by Abhisit, who came up with his own proposal for an election ballot.

But Abhisit is not in charge either. General Prayuth Chan-ocha is and he is not going to risk his puppet Democrat party losing in the next election. He’s too busy with obtaining kickbacks on his military purchases and goose-stepping into Cambodia for any coup this year.

That’s why he’s proposed the GT200 election ballot.

It’s similar to the GT200 bomb detection device in that it doesn’t work either but it suits the Thai military that way.

It’s no wonder why Suthep is so set against having election monitors in Thailand. The Democrats and their military puppeteers have set new heights when it comes to levels of corruption. And they’ll stop at nothing to stay in power. Thailand needs international election monitors (and stiffer drug laws).

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