Friday, June 10, 2011

Animal Crackers

Despite its name, the political motives of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) have never had anything to do with promoting democracy. The fascists in the pee stained colored shirts keep their undemocratic tradition going by continuing with their loony “Vote No” campaign.

Ironically, this tactic is not good news for Abhisit and his puppet masters because the PAD idiots have typically supported the Democrats in the past. If a portion of them voted No then this would hurt the Democrats and benefit Pheu Thai.

For the Democrats to have any hope of not getting totally trounced on Election Day they will need to actually get support from the PAD. This means making up with Sondhi and getting him back on their good side. Unlikely but in Thai politics anything is possible.

But if history is any guide, no matter how bad they despise the Democrats and the wholesale corruption they practice, the PAD stooges will always do what Sondhi tells them to do. They will close their eyes, hold their nose, get into that booth and yank that lever – just like they the way they have sex.

Besides, the problem with Thailand isn’t so much that buffalos, tigers, dogs, lizards or monkeys will be getting into Parliament as the PAD’s campaign sign suggests.
The billboard states, "Don't let these animals into Parliament!"
A much more pressing problem is all the "kangaroos" currently in the Thai justice system – especially the Constitutional Court.

Prem's Kangaroo Court
Thailand’s kangaroo courts have been and continue to be a much larger obstacle to democracy there and Thailand Needs Democracy

Free Joe Gordon! American Political Prisoner in Thailand!

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