Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thailand's Jack in the Box Court

The nine justices who sit on Thailand’s Constitution Court form a unique elite. They are not elected and they are not held directly accountable for their actions and when the Court strikes down actions by elected officials, it overrules the majority.

This doesn’t sound too democratic, does it? Of course not, courts aren’t supposed to be democratic.

But they are supposed to champion the fundamental rules of democratic fairness and be a beacon of hope for marginalized citizens.  This is where Thailand’s Constitution Court fails miserably. Instead, they have been the guardians of the old elite privilege. Constitution Court President, Wasan Soipisuth, has openly admitted this.

When advocates for popular democratic values of inclusion, equality, and fairness start to make progress, elitist judges like Wasan step in to promptly quash them.  Be it disqualifying candidates, dissolving political parties, or stopping legislation, the elite judges are a hindrance to democratic progress, civil rights and liberties.

The Constitution Court is like a Jack in the Box. You start to hear music for awhile then it abruptly stops and a clown pops out.

C'mon and sing along.  Everyone knows the popular "Jack in the Box" song...

All around the Parliament,
Something is about to get done.
And after them in double haste,
Pop! goes the Wasan.

Civil rights and liberties,
Someone put the brakes on.
That’s the way the money goes,
Pop! goes the Wasan.

Yes, Wasan Soipisuth is a Weasel. 

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