Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Salute a Murderous Thai General

General Prayuth Chan-ocha commanded the murderous May 19th operation to clear Bangkok of the protest camps, and according to reports in the English-language Bangkok Post and the Nation, he had also been pushing all along for tougher action against the Thai people.

And his reward for killing unarmed Thai citizens (and a couple of unarmed foreign journalists)? He becomes de-facto leader of Thailand. Yes, the true Butcher of Bangkok became head of Thailand’s military (thus supreme ruler of Thailand) on October 1st of this year.
This raises an interesting question.  How does a civilian salute General Prayuth?
An interesting dilemma which I think I can help with. Here's some suggestions:

Although somewhat appropriate and probably to the General’s liking, I don’t think the Nazi salute should be applied here.  We don’t want to be in violation of Godwin’s Law or anything. 

Of course Abhisit may insist on the universal symbol for “You’re Number 1” because the army made him Prime Minister and is keeping him in office but I was thinking of along the lines of a salute using a different finger.
Yes, thank you Mickey, I think you’re onto something - the universal symbol for “Fuck Off” seems more appropriate but this is no ordinary Thai elitist scum. This is a murdering, fascist general who destroys democracy and freedoms for all of Thailand. He deserves more than just one finger.
Now, we’re talking. It’s the ever popular “double bird” salute that loudly states “Really Fuck Off!” Used for only the most egregious targets. But that is still not quite enough for this evil doer.

We’re going to do things American Orange Shirt style by using the “double bird” with an added scowl of complete contempt and wearing the appropriate color of shirt (orange or red will work) that shouts out to General Prayuth to:

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, We Salute You.

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