Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet the Niblets

I’ve always felt that Thailand’s Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij was an elitist and fascist. He has expressed his distaste for the idea of democratic structures many times over the years. Korn actually supported the September 2006 coup in Thailand and praised the junta which ousted a democratically elected government by the people.

Obviously, they grow an odd crop of “Democrats” in Thailand, which don’t actually believe in democracy at all. Korn and the rest of the Thai government are actually enemies of democracy which firmly believes that a highly educated elite is in the best position to decide what is best for everything and everyone and it is the rest of society's role to follow.  He probably has wet dreams like the rest of Thailand’s elite about the "China Model," where there are lots of money-making and business but only a tiny authoritarian group in charge. To them, there’s no need to ask the uneducated rural folks and poor for their opinions.  They're too stupid and too busy and too tired to know anything in any case and on top of that they have dark skin and muscular hands signifying their destiny and role.

To people like Korn, the elite class have a natural right to decide the fate of the country and its people.  It doesn’t matter what the majority of the people want or not. Basically, they apparently believe that there are some people who have a higher value and more rights than others. His thinking and the thinking of the Thai government and the elite in general shows resemblance to fascists theories of some kind of superior people that have the right and even the duty to be rulers and to defend their rule by all means, even if it means the death of more than 90 people and 2000 people being injured earlier this year.
But evidently this fascist elitism is a family affair with the Chatikavanij’s.  Recently Korn’s wife, Vorakorn, has been exercising her right to free speech and her comments were revealing of her views.

In an interview appearing in Matichon Weekly, November 12-18 on page 29 ("เจ" วรกร จาติกวณิช ว่าด้วย ... เรื่องซุบซิบ วนิดา และขุนคลังผู้บ้างานของเธอ). Vorakorn is asked whether she would enter politics. She answers:

"มีคนถามเยอะมากเลยเรื่องเล่นการเมือง ไม่รู้ทำไม แต่คงไม่อยากค่ะ  จริง เจเป็นพวกหัวเผด็จการมาก ชอบทำอะไรให้มันเรียบร้อยไปเลย เจเข้าใจว่าประชาธิปไตยเป็นต้นเหตุของความยุ่งเหยิงทั้งหมดที่เกิดขึ้นในประเทศตอนนี้ คนโน้นจะเอาอย่างนี้ คนนี้จะเอาอย่างนั้น แล้วมันก็ไปไหนไม่ได้สักทีหนึ่ง เจก็ไม่เข้าใจเหมือนกัน มีเสรีภาพหมดทุกคน แต่สังคมไปไหนไม่ได้เลย (หัวเราะ)"

["I don't know why many people have asked me whether I will enter politics, but I probably don't want to. Actually, I am very authoritarian. I just want to do things properly [and promptly]. I understand that democracy is the problem of all this chaos that is happening in the country right now. That person wants this, this person wants that and nothing ever moves forward at all. I don't understand it. Everyone has freedom, but society doesn't move forward at all (laughs)"]

There you have it: “democracy is the problem.”  Her remarks have reflected the facts and prove that the Thai ruling elites are pro-dictatorship.  Or else what is the “problem of democracy?”  And they only need obedient masses that follow what they say and want in order to feed their desires and greed, any dissenting opinions will be considered as "chaos" and thus need to be suppressed. And she seems to think its all funny.

Democracy is not the problem in Thailand, partly because Thailand does not have a democracy.  The problem in Thailand is caused by those people who persist in preventing a democracy from taking root in Thailand.  People exactly like Korn and Vorakorn who lie at the very heart of the problems that Thailand has been experiencing.

Korn and Vorakorn are soul mates, made for each other. They are the epitome of amataya. You’d think that these so called ‘high class people,’ who have studied abroad in the west with all of the exposure to the vibrant democracy offered there would be more acceptable to democracy.  But power and greed has obviously blinded them to the point where there is little humanity left – ironically, about the same amount of humanity that is in small "yellow" kernels of corn.

Can that and take it to the food bank.

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