Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frogs and Boobs Under Coconut Shells

There's a famous southeast Asian proverb about a frog which lives underneath a coconut shell.  A coconut shell is not transparent but most probably the frog doesn't know this. It believes everything in the shell is his entire world, with no conception of what goes on outside. The frog’s world is defined by what it sees. It lives contently within the shell, ignorant of the outside world, yet happy, since it knows nothing of what it is missing.

So, those who are like the frog underneath the coconut shell will have no knowledge of people, events, and places outside their 'world'.  They refuse to venture out into the world and they remain ignorant but are happy with it.

They also will get very upset if someone tries to help improve their plight by “removing the shell” and showing them a broader, better world.

However, there are some “frogs” which enjoy their shell being removed.  They will sit on top of their shell viewing and experiencing a greater world, full of differences and infinite possibilities.

And in time they’ll come to resent those who put the shell over them in the first place.

And some will be really, really angry.

Now, this is a relatively simple analogy about royalists and anti-royalists but it doesn’t include everyone. There are those ultra-royalists like Tul Sitthisomwong and Chaiwat Sinsuwong.

Tul Sitthisomwong and Chaiwat Sinsuwong

Those two ultra-royalists can be thought of as being underneath coconut shells – but they aren’t frogs.  They’re really just a couple of boobs!

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