Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pheu Thai’s Plan for Maintaining Power: Ignore the Will of the People

With the shellacking of the military’s political party (Democrats) in the July 2010 election, the Pheu Thai Party, with their mandate from the people, should be able to easily advance a “progressive” pro-democracy agenda.  However, an electoral mandate in Thailand evidently doesn’t count for anything.  Despite all the evidence that the Thai people reject a non-civilian controlled military and the lese majeste laws as they are currently being enforced, the status quo of elitist repressive rule remains.

The Pheu Thai led government is not fully in charge of Thailand. Yingluck and her Deputy Ministers serve at the discretion of the Thai Military. Political issues such as the appointment of the Army Chief and the content/enforcement of the lese majeste laws are dictated by the military. Failure of this elected government to comply with military mandates will mean immediate removal via coup.

Therefore, don’t expect General Prayuth to be removed from duty or that there will be any relief from the draconian lese majeste law enforcement. The only way Pheu Thai can remain in power is that they continue to ignore the will of the people.

This is not democracy! Of course the Thai military does not want a democracy. Their power is derived from a faux monarchy system - propped up by them.

By the way, just what is the Thai Democratic Party’s plan for attaining power?

The same plan it’s always been—murder, lie, cheat and steal.

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