Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Channel 7 Reporter Somjit Nawakruasunthorn Doesn’t Celebrate Songkran

Somjit Navakruasunthorn calls herself political “reporter” for the army's Channel 7 television station based at the parliament. 

Somjit Navakruasunthorn

Last August during a press conference with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, Somjit posed some insulting questions. One question the PM rightly refused to answer was: "Do you ever think of doing something for the country or the people sometimes or not?" That question was preceded by this one: "Do you think the cabinet is uglier than the PM?"

Clearly, Ms. Somjit was not acting as a reporter trying to interview the Prime Minister.  She was trying to embarrass Yingluck while the cameras were rolling.  Her obvious hostility to the country's Prime Minister is not surprising, since she has written two books practically worshipping former PM Abhisit, the most recent one which Abhisit helped promote with personal appearances at book signings. She has even admitted that she participated in the PAD’s terrorist takeover of Suvarnabhumi International Airport in 2008.  

And this was not the only incident where Ms. Somjit has demonstrated her lack of journalistic ethics by asking intimidating questions. I’ve unearthed a rare interview by Ms. Somjit which started with her intimidating her subjects. Then all hell starts to break loose and things get out of hand.

See for yourself…

Evidently, Somjit Navakruasunthorn is both a bitch and a witch!  And that is why Ms. Somjit doesn't celebrate Songkran. 

"Oh, what a world! What a world!"


  1. @nathan hale,

    you idiot, your misquoting and misrepresenting the facts on the lady reporter's questioning during the current pm's press interview, is appalling at best.

    were you there in person?

    do you know enough thai to truly comprehend the context of the questioning and answering?

    i humbly suggest that you do stop misleading our brothers and sisters who do not understand enough thai.

    rebut if you wish. would really like to know your qualification and credential in thailand.

    chow and cheers.

  2. Eagle Sub Commando Unit of the Agents of the Free????????

    are you really a

    Lieutenant in the Eagle Sub Commando Unit of the Agents of the Free....??????


    well, at any rate, wish you the best.

    from your true psychic friend and admirer,

    sign--WALTER MITTY

    there would be no longer any more responding post from here, whether or not there is any rebuttal.

    good luck and good bye, nathan hale or whoever you are or wish to be or to become.

    1. Hello Walter Mitty,

      No I was not at that interview but the translation of the questions I received were confirmed from two different sources I deemed as reliable. If you have contradictory evidence then I will be glad to look at it.

      My credentials are as follows: I was a victim of the 2008 PAD takeover of Suvarnabhumi. There were many of us. Some of us bonded and kept in touch. Angry that the PAD weren't punished for taking over an airport, we "mobbed" up and decided to dish out our own kind of justice to those who victimized us and those who supported and protected them.

      Somjit admitted that she was a participant at that event and that means she is subject to our wrath. Recent events and your email have inspired me to write another post about her which you may be interested in.

      Thank you for your comments and motivation,

      My very best regards,

      Nathan Hale (no, not my real name either but I am still a lieutenant looking for a promotion).