Friday, February 4, 2011

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine Wolfpack

At the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, this current Thai regime seems to be mirroring the German Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s.

First they blamed the burning of a building in the capital city on their political enemies. They introduced emergency laws, rounded up the political opposition and locked them up in order to maintain power.

The Reichstag (1933)          Central World (2010)

Then they march out their youth in parades of nationalism.

Then they try to get back lost territory that belongs to a militarily weaker neighboring country.

The Sudetenland                         Preah Vihear
Now, according to an article from Saksith Saiyasombut at Siam Voices last month it appears that the Thai regime wants to buy SIX submarines from Germany.
SIX German Submarines!!! The Battle of the North Atlantic comes to mind with convoys of allied ships being attacked by German U-boat “wolfpacks.”
Has the Thai Navy embraced the ”wolfpack” naval tactic of Nazi Germany during World War II? Why does Thailand need a half a dozen submarines?  That’s around a total of 2988 tons submerged displacement. (Sorry, I wasn’t sure the Thai government measures their submarines by count or by weight like they do eggs now.)
And who will be Thailand’s victim of this yellow wolfpack? Well, the Rohingyas are back in the news again.  
You may have heard of the Rohingya boat people and how the Thai Military (under Abhisit’s watch) beat hundreds of Rohingya who were captured in Thai waters, disabled the engines of their boats, and towed them back out to sea to an almost certain death.  Below is a nice report by CNN.

Boy, what a Public Relations nightmare for the Thai Regime!  Even United Nations High Commission for Refugees goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie criticized the Thai government of ignoring the plight of Rohingyas and suggested that the “Thai government should take better care of the Burmese ethnics.”
Of course, that will never happen as the Rohingyas are poor and dark skinned. Thus they are despised by the Thai Military and their amart buddies now in power.

So will we see the use of a Thai submarine wolfpack to eradicate the Rohingya ‘menace’ more quietly in order to avoid world media exposure?
I don't consider myself a conspiracy theorist but...

Run Silent, Run Deep.

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